Friday, March 28, 2014

Sewing Space Vol. I

I'm not living in Brussels anymore... yay :)
We have moved to a friendly town called Lokeren in December, but just before I packed up all my sewing related toys tools, I took some pictures - for the memories... I guess, with the age, I'm getting sentimental :)

So here it is  - my old sewing space :)


-patterns - I kept those recent outside so that they will remind me about sewing (another benefit of keeping them that way - no creases while cutting the fabric)

-mannequin and "tasks list" (in the background you can see how I kept my knitting needles - in the flower vase)

-threads, zippers, etc.

-embroidery threads, unfinished objects, wools which were not winded (yet) into nice spools, and camera stand...

-fabrics (idea of making cardboard spools i "borrowed" from Bouquet of the Buttons)

-cutting table - which is basically dining table I was using for cutting

-photo background (I think I unrolled it twice) and door to a little unused  bathroom, which used to be a changing room, while I had clients over

-ironing board - hidden in the drawers, installed in the kitchen island

-Expedit - filled up with my knitting yarns, patterns and some other toys 

 That's it :) Hope you enjoyed this post a bit, and I didn't unnecessarily bored anyone ;)

I'm planning a minimum of two more posts about my sewing space - next time about recent one, so expect some updates any time soon :)


  1. Fantastyczne mieszkanie (zakładam, że inne części w podobnym stylu), nowe jeszcze lepsze? :D I bez żartów, ukradnę chyba pomysł z kartonami.

    1. mi nowe podoba się bardziej, choć pokoik szyciowy mam teraz mniejszy, za to zamknięty i z pionowymi ścianami:) a pomysł na kartony sama podpatrzyłam, więc częstuj się, proszę:)

    2. To jeszcze czekamy na zdjęcia nowej pracowni :)
      no tak, tak, ale ja już deklaruję rozwój przestępstwa. :)