Thursday, March 27, 2014

Headboard Pillows

So much for a spectacular come back... 

As you probably noticed, I had been gone for a while... 

I can't say I wasn't sewing (from time to time) during that period, but there were too many changes going on in my life, to find a time for blogging...
On the other hand - I just needed a break. My own blog started being too mediocre and dull for me, so I simply didn't enjoy writing anything.

I was planning spectacular changes - starting with the name... ending with the content... which is uneven - and let's face it - without flow.

But beside all those cons, I decided that I wanna be back, and even these prosaic pillows covers I recently made, might be a (good enough) reason to write a post... in the end - why not?

Till the next time :)


  1. Prosaic pillows są bardzo ładne, no i fajnie że wróciłaś:))

  2. Hej!!!! Co tam u Ciebie slychac???? Napisz cos na priv. Pozdrowienia od mamuski z domowego przedszkola, hehehe :)